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Conditions Treated at Collins Chiropractic Center in Birmingham

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Here at Collins Chiropractic Center, we pride ourselves on being able to treat a broad range of conditions. Our Birmingham, AL chiropractor provides a variety of comprehensive services to treat patients suffering from conditions such as:


Our chiropractor treats a variety of injuries, including sports injuries, auto accident injuries, and work injuries. Our practice specializes in injury rehabilitation. After evaluation and diagnosis of an injury, we come up with a personalized treatment plan to accelerate healing and recovery.


Whiplash is a particularly common type of auto car accident injury but can be caused by a variety of other situations as well. Whiplash occurs when the neck or upper back is jerked backward and forward in a violent manner, resulting in stress in the cervical spine. 

Headaches and Migraines

Collins Chiropractic Center can provide treatment for frequent bouts of headaches and migraines. Frequent headaches are often a symptom of a deeper underlying issue that the doctor will investigate. 

Disc Herniation

Disc herniation is a condition where the discs of the spine fall out of place. This can happen through disc slippage or rupture. A disc that protrudes or falls out of place can lead to other problems such as nerve compression. Symptoms of disc herniation include shooting pain, numbness, and tingling.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This disease is usually an age-related condition. A deteriorating spine can lead to further medical issues down the road. The discs of the spine become damaged in some way, leading to pain and even disability. 


Arthritis refers to the inflammation of the joints. This condition often involves joint pain and stiffness, and it worsens with age.


Fibromyalgia is a disorder that targets the muscles and the musculoskeletal system. In fibromyalgia, the central nervous system becomes hypersensitive, causing pain and tenderness throughout the body.


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. This deformity can be painful and disabling.


Sciatica refers to pain affecting the longest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is located near the lower half of the spine, so someone with sciatica will feel pain in the lower back. The pain can also spread to the buttocks and limbs. 

General Chronic Pain

 If you are experiencing back pain but are unsure of the cause, our team can take a look at the problem. Through diagnostic testing, the doctor can determine what the underlying cause is.

Contact our Chiropractor in Birmingham

Collins Chiropractic Center offers comprehensive treatment with services that include corrective exercise, lifestyle advice, posturing screenings, acupuncture, nutritional advice, and more. If you are suffering from a medical issue, our Birmingham chiropractor can help. Call (205) 923-0151 to discuss potential treatment options. If there is a specific condition that you want to ask about, feel free to ask. 



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