Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment with Collins Chiropractic Center in Birmingham, AL

Is your shoulder painful and stiff? Come to the Collins Chiropractic Center to schedule a FREE appointment with a chiropractor in Birmingham. If you've never considered chiropractic care for managing your shoulder pain, let our team show you just how we can help—we treat a wide variety of shoulder pain conditions!

Woman suffering from shoulder pain Common Shoulder Pain Conditions

  • Shoulder Dislocation: when the humeral head (the "ball" like end of your upper arm bone) is forced partially or fully out of place within the glenoid fossa (the "socket" like part of your shoulder blade), a dislocation has occurred. This can be very painful and lead to instability and weakness if left untreated.
  • Shoulder Bursitis/Tendonitis: bursae are small sacs found throughout the body that reduce friction in areas where tendons move over bones. Tendons connect muscles to bones. When overuse, repetitive movement, poor posture, and other issues are at play, bursae and tendons can become irritated and inflamed.
  • Frozen Shoulder: formally known as "adhesive capsulitis," this condition leads to progressive and marked range of motion loss in the shoulder. It's usually as a reaction to some sort of injury, illness, or infection in the shoulder area (e.g., septic arthritis, radiation exposure for breast cancer, osteoarthritis, bone fracture, etc.). 
  • Strains & Sprains: acute or chronic factors can overload and damage the muscles and ligaments in the shoulder, especially the several rotator cuff muscles. We see muscle strains and sprains often in people who perform a lot of overhead movement (e.g., manual laborers, swimmers, etc.). 

It's worth noting that shoulder pain can also occur when an issue from the spine refers symptoms to the shoulder region (many nerves in the cervical area provide motor and sensory information for the shoulders and arms). This can happen in situations such as whiplash or cervical radiculopathy. 

Common Treatments for Common Shoulder Pain Issues

Our Birmingham chiropractor staff can offer you several different techniques to manage your shoulder pain condition:

  • Joint mobilizations restore normal range of motion and joint alignment
  • Corrective exercises can heal tissue, reduce inflammation, and restore strength and stability in the shoulder
  • Postural screens and lifestyle counseling, to teach you more efficient ways to move, set up your work environment, sleep, etc. 

We also look at your "whole person" ad support full body health through services like nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and spinal decompression.  

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