DOT Physical Exams

If you are a professional truck driver or a bus driver, driving can take a toll to your health. Driving and sitting all day can make you experience discomfort to your body. Our chiropractor at Collins Chiropractic Center in Birmingham, can provide a non-invasive treatment to manage your pain or injuries you may have obtain while driving. For those who want to a professional truck driver or a bus driver, here is some information pertaining DOT physical exams.

If you are a professional truck driver or a bus driver, driving can take a toll to your health

What Is the Purpose Of a DOT Physical?

The Department of Transportation required you to have a DOT physical. Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles to take and pass this exam.

DOT physicals are necessary to be sure that drivers can handle the long hours of driving, the stress of operating a commercial vehicle, and if they can handle the long, exhausting schedules. The test ensures that you are in good health and that you mentally and emotionally capable to drive a commercial truck.

How Do I Know If I Need a DOT Physical?

Your employer will let you know if you need a DOT physical. Certain criteria would make these exams necessary.

  • If you operate a vehicle designed to carry more than eight people.
  • If you operate a vehicle with a gross combination weight rating, a gross vehicle weight rating, or a weight of over 10,000 pounds (4.54 t).
  • If you transport hazardous materials.

What Can I Expect During My DOT Physical?

Before the actual exam, you would fill out a Medical Examination Report form. There will be a list of medication conditions on the list. If you currently or have previously suffered from any of these conditions, you would need to check it off. It is essential that you are honest on the form. If you don't answer honestly, your certificate could be revoked.

After filling out the questionnaire, a doctor would begin your exam. First, they will check your lung function, heart function, and your coordination. The doctor will check your blood pressure, test your vision, test your hearing, and the doctor would need to perform a urinalysis. This test is performed to test you for drug use and to test your glucose levels.

How Often Do I Need a DOT Physical?

Most medical certificates are good for two years. If you have low blood pressure, high blood pressure, or any condition that can affect your ability to drive, your certification could last for just one year. If your condition is very serious, you may need to see a doctor every three months to monitor your condition. If your health improves, you will need to have a DOT physical every year.

Exemption Programs

If you have diabetes, impaired hearing, impaired vision, or another disability, you might be eligible for an exemption program.

DOT physicals are essential for truck and bus drivers. If you are experiencing chronic neck or back pain as a result of driving all day or due to an auto accident, you should make an appointment with Collins Chiropractic Center in Birmingham at (205) 923-0151. Our chiropractor can perform a chiropractic adjustment to help relieve the pain. With a regular treatment plan, you should be able to live a pain-free life.  


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